Effie Subardoe- Chapter 4- Hallucinogens and stimulants- A Beka Book

Term Definition
Hallucinogens The second group of abused drugs; these are illegal
Hallucinations Seeing. hearing, smelling, or feeling things that do not exist; caused by hallucinogens
Marijuana A hallucinogen that is the most prevalent drug in the U.S
Stimulants Group of abused drugs; speeds up the body's nervous system causing the lung to work faster, the heart rate and blood pressure to rise, and the body to feel more energetic and alert
Cocaine The most powerful natural stimulant
Crack An impure form of cocaine that is even more powerful than pure cocanie
Metamphetamine Another commonly abused stimulant that causes severe effects on the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.
Nicotine A commonly abused stimulant found in tobacco products including cigarettes, snuff, and chewing tobacco.
Secondhand smoke Smoke breathed in when another person is smoking
Emphysema A disease in which the lungs alveoli collapse, making breathing extremely difficult
Depressants Drug that slow down the body's funcitons
Alcohol The most commonly abused depressant
___% of the deaths that occur in traffic accidents in America are the result of people driving under the influence of alcohol. 40
Alcohol's affect on the ______ are the most noticeable. Brain
What book warns us about the danger and addictiveness of alcohol? The Bible
What are the best and second best ways to prevent from the pain and shame of drugs Best=Pray
Second Best= Avoid the first smoke, drink, or drug injection